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ISSUES w/Loyalty Rewards Accounts m||BO

Rewards Hunter

I’ve noticed that when I link ANY of my local grocery stores loyalty rewards programs onto my Ibotta account, not only do you fail to reward us the points for items we have selected, but the cashier at said grocery store is unable to scan the barcode that ibotta provides us for our loyalty Carr with a participating store. I shop at Walmart, Weis, Martin’s, FoodLion, Aldi and Sheetz— our of all these stores, FoodLion is the ONLY store that actually works when it comes to the scanning my loyalty card (MVP card); however, only sometimes will Ibotta credit me when item clearly qualifies for the purchase made. I always scan barcodes before I pay for it to ensure that item is correct and that my account will be credited. So, why is this?? Any help or suggestions or personal stories or advice is greatly appreciated! It’s so upsetting to buy certain brands to get the money back and Not only that but we’re promised it’s more convenient this way so we don’t have to check off the individual items. But that’s not the case! I tried getting help on this issue many times in the past but had no resolve from customer service. Please help!!  
Warmest Regards,

Desiree in Harpers Ferry, WV

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Re: ISSUES w/Loyalty Rewards Accounts m||BO

Deal Expert

many many people hae problems with linked cards/accounts that's why i don't don't link anything i scan receipts if a store is link only i do not get ibotta items at that store. but if you hae your account/card linked the cashier doesn't need to scan anything on your phone as long as you click the items 1st then buy them that's all you hae to do. so if you're not getting credit for items and/or you're not getting credit for the right amount of items you can unlink and scan receipts or keep putting in tickets to get your credit when they miss items.

Re: ISSUES w/Loyalty Rewards Accounts m||BO

Rewards Hunter

I have tried and failed and tried again with My County Market Max Card. Even if I scan it, the ap says it's wrong. So I took out a zero and it said it was linked. I chose my items and went in, shopped, scanned at the register and I haven't seen a  cent added for nothing. I have repeatedly sent in tickets about this situation and nothing ever gets done.

Re: ISSUES w/Loyalty Rewards Accounts m||BO


Yeah, I have terrible issues with my Meijer account. I linked it, it says it's linked. It shows as linked UNTIL I go to redeem an offer, then it prompts me to link my account EVERY SINGLE TIME. I don't get the option to skip linking and scan the receipt, so I can't even redeem any offers. I'm not getting a response from the help desk, I may just delete this darn app.