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Item doesn’t match

Rewards Hunter

My shredded cheese from WD or Walmart is coming up , item doesn’t match. The deal says any brand 4oz or larger. My cheese is 7oz. After I took a photo of the front, screen said it has been added, try again. After 6 tries, I’m giving up. Does this app really work or have I fallen for a scam......

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Re: Item doesn’t match

Deal Master

Not a scam.  

Without more information, I cannot tell you what the problem is.  I do not have the Any Brand shredded cheese offer in my Ibotta.  

Please note there are HUNDREDS of brands of shredded cheese and it is possible your package was not in their UPC database.  I have never had the adding process happen right away.  Usually, it would take a day or so.

Also note that Ibotta seems to be slammed right now.  I guess it is time for them to add a couple more servers.

I would try again later.  If you still can't get it to accept your purchase, I would open a request.  Requests are taking about a week to process right now.

Re: Item doesn’t match

Deal Sharer

Do you have the offer at the store you went to? If so, contact support for your rebate.

Oh, the answer to your first question is no Ibotta is not a scam. Once you get the hang of it you’ll love it.