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Kroger Cash Back Question

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Is anyone familiar with Kroger Cash Back?  I see cash back offers on my account to add but when I try to see the eligible items for a particular offer, it sometimes says "There are currently no items associated with this deal" even though I see that my store carries the item.  Does that this mean that the cash back offer is not valid at the store?  Any help would be appreciated since sometimes I try to stack Ibotta with the KCB.

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Re: Kroger Cash Back Question

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I'm of no help because I have had similar issues with KCB. Mostly it’s my store doesn’t carry the item or it’s out of stock though. Maybe that’s the issue? That it’s out of stock? I’ve had that happen a lot lately. 


Re: Kroger Cash Back Question

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@saracul A lot of times the day Kroger releases the cashback offers nothing shows under associated items. Typically by the next day it populates however. Once in awhile it is a coding error I guess and nothing is ever attached. I recently had this happen with the Hungry Jack mashed potatoes. I didn't bother to check associated items as there's only one variety. When it didn't redeem is when I checked and figured it out. I contacted the company and it's now corrected. I've redeemed successfully the same day an offer was released (before items were showing attached) and had it work, but there's no guarantee. If you just loaded the offers today and know your store carries them, then check again tomorrow to see if the eligible items show. I'm watching the Align offer myself. My store carries it, but no items are attached right now.

Re: Kroger Cash Back Question


If it’s there you will get the cash back even if it says no item available. I usually always check and don’t go by what the app says. 

Re: Kroger Cash Back Question

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I have been using KCB since 2019, and most of the times where I have had troubles earning KCB appear to be due to this very issue.  It started out as a mystery when some offers simply would not result in earning  KCB.  Ultimately it seems my problems were due to redeeming offers that were not 'attached' yet. 

There are two reasons for the message of 'There are currently no items associated with this deal.' when you select SHOP ALL OFFERS.   

  1.   The legitimate message that your store does not carry the items
  2.   The offer is not 'active' yet.  If you sort available KCB items by MOST RECENT, during the day you will typically have quite a few at the top that include this message.  Typically, all of those will become 'active', overnight.  Sometimes it is as early as 11 PM but other times it is in the middle of the night.  At that time, some will still say there are currently no items rightfully because your store does not carry them, but the others will now be populated with qualifying items.

Right now, the 78 most recent items have no items.  This will change later tonight.

(EDIT:  Now it is morning, and all 78 have been resolved.  Qualifying items attached to each offer)

There are many long-time KCB users who had issues earning KCB until we realized this.    There are some who successfully earn when the offer is not 'active' yet, but it is hit and miss.   And I have not had any issues earning KCB in over a year since I avoided using any KCB offer until it attaches to qualified items.

So my personal advice would be to do the same and avoid any items not fully active yet.  Again if you sort your KCB offers by MOST RECENT, you can determine all the ones that are in this situation.


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