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Kroger Deals

Super Saver

Carefree Pantiliners - 60 ct - 1.99 less 2/2 coupon = .99 each

Carefree Breathe Pantiliners - 60 ct - 1.99 less 1.50 coupon = .49 each

tressemme shampoo or conditioner- 28 oz - 2.99 less 4/2 = .99 each (had $1 SK also but it disappeared before I left the store). 

L’Oréal shampoo or conditioner - 2.79 less 3/2 coupon = 1.29 each

nivea body lotion - 16.9 oz - 3.99 less 4/2 coupon = 1.99 each

suave body lotion - 16 oz - 1.79 less .75 = 1.04

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Re: Kroger Deals

Deal Master

@Janet1964  **bleep** everyone is posting their amazing Kroger clearance items online - I love those containers - even though I probably had a million.  My mom, keeps throwing them out unfortunately, so I stopped giving them to her.  I posted this before - I'm giving her the olive green and orange Tupperware from when I was a kid.  Those she recognizes not to throw out.  

The mind knows, what the mind remembers.


Re: Kroger Deals

Super Saver


I only use Tupperware at home (sold it for 20 years) so I have never bought Rubbermaid in my life. But we travel a good bit now to resorts and thought I could take them with me and if I leave them - oh well- I won’t cry. I told my husband we could put leftovers in the Rubbermaid and bring home to our fur babies if we don’t finish everything.