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Kroger Don't know what to do?

Rewards Hunter

I shop at Kroger and I use Clicklist.   Love click list but because of the virus, you have to download the receipt from the website.   This, not a problem, the problem is the Ibotta rebate program.    I download the receipt and scanned my products and submitted the receipt.   Told me that it was all good.  A couple of days later, I get an email that this fraud?  I sent an email to Ibotta, no response back.   Anyone else has this problem?  I love this program but I lost 16.00 worth of rebates because of this.   I have not heard back from Ibotta.   Caught in midde.   

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Re: Kroger Don't know what to do?

Deal Expert

It is fraud it's in the terms Ibotta requires a regular printed receipt from kroger at a cash register. No emailed receipts and no receipts from the app. You can get locked out and possible banned from ibotta. Tickets can take up to a week or more for an answer since people put in tickets for every little thing. You should of read the terms when you first registered for ibotta.

Re: Kroger Don't know what to do?


Are you saying that they don’t give you a receipt? I shop at Kroger as well, specifically Food 4 less. I don’t have a solution, just scan. a physical receipt.