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Largest Free Shopping Trip


Yesterday, I shopped at Walmart and unexpectedly ended up with rebates covering the total cost. I went to get Back to the Roots potting mix before the Fetch offer of $4.75 expired. There's also a $10 IB offer which made this into a MM. This would cover the cost of a bag of soil I also got. While I was there, I decided to do some SK scanning and get free M&Ms and water. Picked up some Lipton iced tea which has an IB offer. Did some more SK scanning, and got the newspaper and three snack pies (MOM!). The total cost was $21.20. I figured rebates would cover most of this but I didn't expect getting the $2 Add to Cart bonus, which I thought was only an online shopping bonus, and also got 100 kicks for the SK scavenger hunt. So that made the total rebates $21.61. I've had smaller free purchases when buying filler FAOs but this was the largest amount I've had. Nice surprise. 

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