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Lesson learned....ugh

Skilled Saver

I guess they do random 24hr 'flash offers' or something, because late last night I saw there was a FREE cliff bars snack box offered at WM. It said there was 19hrs remaining at that time.

I of course added it and went to grab this afternoon which was within the time limit because it was available when I scanned the UPC in the store. (Actually was a small MM too!)


HOWEVER....I went about my day, and not until 20 mins ago did I realize the offer expired and I never scanned the receipt! UGGGHHHH! LOL

....I usually bring all my receipts home and scan them all when I'm winding down for the night. I may start doing it in the car moving forward. 😁

.....please help make me feel a little less bummed by sharing your similar stories,  SO I KNOW IM NOT ALONE ...LOL 😆 

***P.S ....I have never had Cliff bars, I may keep them and give them a try....however $5.79 or whatever is a lot....I will decide tomorrow.

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Re: Lesson learned....ugh

Rewards Guide

I’ve done the same,  but thanks to reading these posts I’m trying to do them as soon as I get to my car.  I think that is a great idea.

Re: Lesson learned....ugh

Deal Ambassador

@MeLMeL11 wish I could make you feel better but that's never happened to anyone else in Ibotta history before. JUST KIDDING!! I think that's happened to all of us at some point. I started scanning my WM reciept in the parking lot because I've learned that very lesson. I know a few people here that do while still inside the store. WM is nice because it's so quick and easy to scan the reciept.

I've learned NOT to do the save it for later as well lol

Re: Lesson learned....ugh

Deal Master


 If you decide to keep the Clif Bar Thins, wait until tomorrow.  Though they might not be free, there is some chance the Clif Bar Thins will return at a lower amount.  You could get back $1.00 or $1.50

You should be able to scan the receipt again if within 24 hours.

Re: Lesson learned....ugh

Super Saver

I appreciate that you are putting on a good face and appearing to be such a good sport about this!

Agreed! It is indeed a lesson learned. Whenever I find myself RELEARNING that same lesson (that I won't be getting a rebate I expected for something purchased ONLY because it would end up being FREE after rebate),  I generally return item.

I have become that person in self checkout who scans receipts before vacating the register....especially at WM.

Re: Lesson learned....ugh

Deal Master

I always scan the WM  receipt bar code as soon as the receipt comes out.  It takes just a few seconds 

Before I get in line at self-checkout, I open up ibotta,click redeem. And choose WM.  

So it takes almost no time.

I personally would return them because I don't like crunchy granola bars.

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