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Linked Accounts

Rewards Hunter

I highly recommend waiting a period of time after a business becomes available to link an account. I linked my Ralphs grocery account awhile back when it first became an option to do so and it was a bad experience. I was not receiving credit for items and was not able to unlink the account. With the very frustratingly slow response from (not much of) customer service, I was unable to use the service an missed out on other opportunities until Ibotta finally disconnected it for me.  

Now I have linked the Wal-Mart pu/delivery service and have new concerns.

  • You will not have the ability to confirm that items are eligible and choose the find the correct one. . The item descriptions are not always enough. One example a the description: "only certain sizes apply" and those sizes are not listed. 
  • If the item is out of stock you cannot select a specific item that could replace it and still get credit. There have been numerous items I have ordered and they are out of stock. Yes, many items are listed as out of stock but ones not listed as out of stock were unavailable at the time they put the order together. You will not be able to select another different item that you didn't select due to budgeting. 
  • I have not received credit for the "any item" categories.  

Its not a perfect system and would be so convenient and save time but just be aware.  Hope this helps some of you to not miss out on a deal. 

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Re: Linked Accounts

Deal Sharer

Hi Lemurking,

I suggest checking out the following help page:

My tips are: to not allow substitutes, so if they are out of stock, you aren't on the hook for the product without the Ibotta rebate. You also may find it helpful to use the app while shopping on a browser, if possible for you. This way you can see sizes, quantities better.

Re: Linked Accounts

Deal Master


It is not fair to compare Ralph's to WM.   The Kroger rollout was a nightmare.  Their whole receipt system is not built for linking.  I am unlinked on everything though, and I prefer it that way.  For starters, WM unlinked has never let me down, and all I ever have to do is scan the barcode.

Kroger does not have one item per line or use UIPC codes.

I would recommend people do not use linked unless they have to, or just don't want to ever bother scanning anything.   And when you do, realize you have to open up tickets instead of resubmitting receipts.  Of course, it is all preference though isnt it.

I agree about disallowing substitutions.   That is the first thing I tell people dong linked.

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