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LONNNNG time at Whole Foods

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I'm at Whole Foods right now, I spent a lot more time there than I hoped to, because several items for which I wanted cheap easy offer credits were not available, notably SINGLE Le Petit Pot pudding - I'm so glad Ibotta finally wised up and dispensed with the obscene requirement to buy 2 or 3 just for a whoppin' quarter cash back that's been going on for more or less a year and a half - the Stonyfield fruit on bottom yogurts with attached containers of crispiest, and Health Warrior bars - where the heck have those been the last year and a half? 

I scanned my receipt maybe 15 minutes ago and haven't gotten a notification of it getting processed yet. 

Anyway, my MW2M is 18/$5, pretty 🆒 when on Monday morning I needed 21 more offers to make Level 3.  However, after yesterday I was not at a pace I wanted, after a dispiriting visit to Target lacking 2 FAO items I wanted (the new coconut Core bar and Siren chocolate nut butter bites) and an even more dispiriting visit to Walmart - there were 8-11 offer items I was hoping to get but had to settle for JUST THREE! 

CRIMINY! My receipt is STILL in pending status, but once it gets through I only need 6 more offers - I WIIIIISH my 2 Groupon orders from Saturday were credited already


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Re: LONNNNG time at Whole Foods

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It is time to go all chili.

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Re: LONNNNG time at Whole Foods

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Super Walmarts carry Le Petit Pot. If you have one nearby, they are $1.99–half the Whole Foods price.


Re: LONNNNG time at Whole Foods

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The Walmart I went to Tuesday night didn't have any, the same location didn't have any LW either.  

Went to 3 different Whole Foods locations each of the last 3 days, ALL only carry 2-packs, no cash back for that 

Went to Publix ONCE all last week, only place so far where I found SINGLE Le Petit Pot jars, and they were on sale 2/$3 

I WIIIIISH I went to Publix yesterday and Monday, even if all I got was 1 or 2 Le Petit Pot jars each time