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Looking to join a team!

Rewards Hunter

Hi! I just recently got back into Ibotta and was wondering if there is a way to join a team. Last time I was on, you were automatically teamed up with your Facebook friends.



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Re: Looking to join a team!

Deal Master


Hey welcome to the forum.  Glad you are back at it.

Regarding teammates, there is a dedicated thread for teammate issues and questions

All teammate-related questions or concerns should be directed there.

Go here:


 From the first paragraph of that thread created by the ibotta moderator:


Looking for new teammates? Add your name to this thread, or add people ask'ing on this thread. This is the official teammate thread for the month of April 2021 - please do not post looking for teammates in separate posts.

Thanks & happy saving!

Please note: to add teammates it must be done via Facebook. Referral codes only work for new accounts.


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