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Making money


What would be your best advise on how to make money on deals and rebates?

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Re: Making money

Deal Master

Coupon stacking& using other apps like Checkout 51. , SavingStar & Fetch Awards. There are some real experts on this site, Just reading the posts gives you hints& valuable information 

Re: Making money

Deal Sharer

Personally, I think time is money, and saving is as much making money as overspending to get something back. If you truly want to make more money and save, and still have your life to do other things, focus on ibotta, and that's it, after you make a quick grocery list. Then check ibotta (and online or paper ads and coupons at stores) to see what matches what you NEED and truly want, not necessarily what's on ibotta, only you have no use for it but are tempted by the rebate (unless it's free). Shop, buy what you like and what you will eat, use as far as household goods, etc. It's amazing how an extra $100 here and there effortlessly and for products enjoyed and used regardless of rebate, can make you just as happy and fulfilled and probably more so, than overspending on things you deem junk, to get some money make. You still have overspent from the get go.