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Meijer Deals Expiring Tomorrow (Sep 5)

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Below are some great deals , mostly with ibotta savings from my Meijer shipping trip yesterday.  

Both store price and ibotta rebate amounts are YMMV.  This is especially true for ibotta.   Not everyone gets the same offers all the time.   If you redeem an offer once, it may come back with different terms.  And at a point, it may never come back at all.


Meijer Buy 5, Save $5 (B5S5) Promotion

The Meijer B5S5 Promotion gives you $1 off of each qualifying item that are purchased in groups of 5.  You can mix and match.   So if you buy 15 items, you will get $15 off total, $1 off for each of the qualifying item.  But if you buy 14 qualifying items, you will only get $10 off for the 10 items, but you would not get any discount for the other 4.  I ended up getting Goldfish crackers to get up to 15 items.  There may be cheaper filler items; I did not look that hard.   Look throughout the store for the signs for additional qualifying items. 


Del Monte & Kellogg’s Coupons – each can be printed twice

The Del Monte coupons can be found at 

  • Bubble Fruit:  40¢ off one 4-pack.
  • Fruit Cups:          $1 off WYB two 4-packs
  • Refreshers:        75¢ off one 2-pack


Kellogg’s coupons can be found at

  • Kellogg’s Jumbo Snax:    $1 off any flavor 5.4 oz or above
  • Pop-Tart Bites:                  50¢ off one Pop Tart Bites


Regular Price for everything below is over $77. 

Factoring in a $1.50 Catalina triggered by buying 3 Kraft Salad dressings, that that makes the final price at $16.54.


Meijer Shopping Trip - Thursday, September 3, 2020


   Unit     Ibotta 
B5S5 Item DescriptionQtyPriceExt $B5S5MQOOPibottaTermsFinal
*Kellogg's Froot Loops Jumbo Snax - 6 oz2$3.79$7.58$2.00$2.00$3.58$4.00$2 each X2($0.42)
*Del Monte Bubble Fruit;   4-4 oz cups3$2.09$6.27$3.00$0.80$2.47$2.2575¢ each X3$0.22
*Del Monte Fruit Cups;   4-4 oz cups2$2.09$4.18$2.00$1.00$1.18$0.7575¢ WYB2$0.43
*Del Monte Refreshers - 2 pk / 7 oz2$2.09$4.18$2.00$1.50$0.68  $0.68
*Goldfish - 6.6 oz1$1.89$1.89$1.00 $0.89  $0.89
*Pop-Tarts Bites - 5 count2$2.89$5.78$2.00$1.00$2.78  $2.78
 Taco Bell Chips - 11 to 13 oz  BOGOF $3.991$3.99$3.99  $3.99$1.00$1 WYB2$2.99
*Kraft Dressings3$1.99$5.97$3.00 $2.97  $2.97
 Sun-maid Bites - 3 oz5$2.00$10.00  $10.00$6.25$1.25 each X5$3.75
*Cheez-It Snap'd5$2.75$13.75$5.00 $8.75$5.0075¢ each X5$3.75
 Totals  $63.59  $37.29  $18.04


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Re: Meijer Deals Expiring Tomorrow (Sep 5)

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Cool spreadsheet! I don't buy enough rebated stuff to use one, but they're certainly helpful when one does.