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Meijer linked account

Rewards Hunter

I have noticed that none of my Meijer purchases have processed this month.  They usually take a few days but it’s been more than usual.  Any idea what is going on?

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Re: Meijer linked account

Deal Expert

Normal time is up to 48 hours but people have stated 3-5 days some longer that is for all linked accounts.  With that being said did you click on the offers 1st before you went to the store to shop? If you did a pick up order it will not count even though you have a linked account it is for in store purchases only.  If you have a receipt and it's less that 7 days you can unlink your account and scan your receipt. 

Re: Meijer linked account

Rewards Hunter

Mine only works on and off.  I have emailed a few times but never get a resolution

Re: Meijer linked account


Thanks for the info. I'm planning a Meijer trip but don't want to get my hopes up to be credited and not be....which sometimes happens anyway. What I think is weird though is on my phone, the app says I'm linked but here on my computer, Meijer doesn't show at all as being linked. Does that mean I need to only shop or scan receipts on my cell, not my comp? 


Re: Meijer linked account

Rewards Hunter

Thanks for sharing. Do you know how the account is linked? When I looked it up, it had my email address showing. I am going to unlink and link again to see if it is the same. 

Re: Meijer linked account

Deal Master

I am unlinked at Meijer and I only need to scan receipt.  I don't need to scan product UPCs, and I have never needed to open a ticket.

My suggestion would be to unlink.for future purchases

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