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Rewards Hunter

My application was closed and they took away my accumulated money, what happened?

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Re: Miami

Deal Expert

You need to be clearer. What does closed your application mean? Were you locked out? There's many reasons for that an audit, they think you did something fraudulent, you tried to take out a large sum at once, you tried to take money out as soon as you got it, you made back to back purchases etc. Did they take out money from your account for inactivity? They take out  a fee when you're inactive for 6 months and every month after that until you reach zero this is stated in the terms and all rebate apps do this. It's an incentive for you to keep using it. You'll need to put in a ticket and wait for an answer no one here works for ibotta and no one can tell you why. Tickets can take up to a week or more to answer since people put in tickets for every little thing.