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Missing Credits 9 days & counting

Rewards Hunter

Such an easy resolve & they’ve emailed me twice saying they’re running my submission further up for review.  I’m not quite sure what the problem is as this was a SUPER easy one on their part to resolve. A simple trip to Walmart!  They have the QR code on the receipt!  It somehow missed that I bought three (3) Belvita Biscuits and only gave me credit for one box.  I re-submitted the claim via “customer service” along with snapshots of each box, the receipt & made sure the also got the bar codes from each box.  Easy Peasy, right?  
They’ve spent “Personnel” time with two separate employees to email me that they’re “working or looking into this for me”.  It’s $3 lousy bucks!   9 days later - nada!  No bonus hit because of it either - hmmm...wonder if I’ll be awarded that after the fact.  Idk, it IS Christmas.  I should give them a break.  It IS only $3.  Nbd really in the big scheme of things.  I just never hit any goals as I have no teammates & I was actually close this time!  Boo!  That’s on me though!  

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Re: Missing Credits 9 days & counting

Super Saver

@AjsWW21 That is a bummer! In my experience, Walmart receipts are the best...except when they don't have what is described an "eligible item" in their database. Sorry for you to hear that's not your experience this time around. 

I'm curious if the boxes you did not receive credit for were the exact same item? or if they perhaps were a different "flavor" that were not in the database? 

Whenever I submit a ticket, I also list in detail what I am expecting: the offers matched PLUS each bonus the item(s) should count toward. That way, if in the end they fail to credit toward the monthly bonus or some other special bonus, it is easy for me to track/follow to request the additional credit.

Meanwhile, please know that many of us are commiserating with you!

Re: Missing Credits 9 days & counting


This happens to me pretty frequently!  Just today I had to submit another ticket for missing credit on my grocery receipt.  I received credit for a couple of things, but the biggest credit of $2.00 for the Advil that I bought was missing. I even draw arrows on my receipt pointing to the items that I purchased that I'm submitting for credit.  It's getting frustrating and time consuming to have to do this all the time.  How can they credit some items and completely ignore others? 

Re: Missing Credits 9 days & counting

Rewards Hunter

As much shopping as I have completed for the holidays, I am frequently reviewing my Ibotta app and selecting many products from the app of which I have not received credit. I have my frequent shoppers account linked to my Ibotta as I thought it would make the process easier. However, I have not received credit for any of my purchases since 12/7/20. I still have each one of my receipts but the app will not accept them because I have my frequent shopper accounts linked.  This really bites because I really like this app and find it very useful but there are major flaws. 


Re: Missing Credits 9 days & counting

Deal Master


I don't know which store you have linked, but if Ibotta lets you submit receipts, you can unlink your account by going to Account, Settings, Linked Accounts.  You can Disconnect your linked account.

By the way, if your store is not listed there, it is possible that you are not actually linked.  I would screenshot your screen that says you are linked and send in a request.

The only account I have linked is Walmart Pickup & Delivery since this is the only option.  I had my Target Online account linked, but somehow it dropped off.  Again, that is the only option.

Submitting receipts for in store visits (if allowed in your area) seems to work fairly well and fast.