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Missing credits on linked cards

Deal Sharer


Am I alone missing credits from receipts that are tied to a linked card?  Twice within the last 2 weeks this has 

happened to me.  


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Re: Missing credits on linked cards

Deal Expert

No it happens to a lot of people who link. I do not link I scan and I never have a problem. If I go to a store that's link only I do not get ibotta items at that store. I also do a separate transaction of just ibotta items so my receipt is easier to scan and not 3ft long.

Re: Missing credits on linked cards


@Dierigj  I had major issues when I had my Target account linked. It would miss 30-40% of my offers, and it was really hard to keep track. I spent too much time going back and forth with the help center, especially for all of the bonuses it affected. Eventually, the help center would issue the missed credits, but they were listed as Ibotta Care nstead of the item or bonus. I was concerned it might affect the types of offers I would receive in the future, so I unlinked. The only downside is that I can’t order online for in-store pickup. My Target is very high volume. so if there’s an offer I didn’t want to miss, I no longer have the option to order online. Even though online is listed separately on Ibotta, there is no way to link one without it automatically linking the other. I learned that the hard way when it issued duplicate credits on items I had already claimed thru receipt submissions. My earnings were automatic blocked, followed by a complete deactivation of my Ibotta account. I was accused of some pretty bad stuff, even though the help center had recommended unlinking and relinking as a potential solution. Obviously, my account was restored, but it took several days to prove my innocence. If they ever figure out a solution, I will swait at least seven days without submitting any receipts before I link again