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Missing friend referral credits

Rewards Hunter

Hey everyone- I have noticed that whenever someone uses my code and uses Ibotta for the two required purchases- I don’t get credit for them. And I had about 5 people contact me to make sure I received credit- and never did. Anyone else have that issue? 

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Re: Missing friend referral credits

Rewards Hunter

Yes I have about 3-4 as well!  I emailed customer service and they basically just said sorry.  I was standing in Walmart with my friend and put in my code for her!  Then she bought a bunch of stuff!  Never saw the referral money 😞

Re: Missing friend referral credits

  • I have noticed that as well.  The people are added to my list of teammates,  but I don't get the payment. 

Re: Missing friend referral credits

Deal Sharer

I added my mother and even scanned her offers and walked her through it. It said she was added but I never got any credit, just add more ppl. Almost as if you don't get credit individually, but only during promotions for multiple ppl. That's not fair! 

Re: Missing friend referral credits


It seems like this is an ongoing issue. It's already hard to get someone to sign up AND redeem an eligible offer, but when we take the time to walk them through and we don't get credit, it is downright disheartening.

One time, my friend and I were having dinner and he said he would help me out. I sent him the referral link and he put in all the personal information, then kept clicking... right past the referral code and ..... nothing for me. I think that the referral code should be included into the referral link. Why make it harder? Now my friend just deleted the app. On the other hand, if they were my referral, I would have taken extra time to make sure they were using the app correctly, and they would see how much I save. That's why people say it's just a scam. 😞 

Come on iBotta - help us out here! You know that word of mouth is the strongest and best advertising there is! Especially those of us on here, are trying really hard. This community is much harder than facebook. Work with us as we work with you! Please respond to the missing referral credits forum.