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Missing funds this morning

Rewards Hunter

This morning almost all of my ibotta funds are missing..i had almost 100 dollars and now it says 5.47. I messages support but does anyone know why thjs would happen?

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Re: Missing funds this morning

Skilled Saver

I had something similar once. First of all, I always cashout soon after reaching the $20 min.

In my case, they were auditing my account (evidently something was flagged as suspicious). Under my "notifications" tab I was able to view exactly what offers had been "reversed" (thus reduced from my available credit).

I had received an email, so was able to communicate/defend my earnings and all were restored. But definitely was alarming!

Wishing you quick resolution!!!!!

Re: Missing funds this morning

Deal Expert

Were you inactive for 60 days? They take a fee out every month for inactivity until you start using it or it reaches zero. It's in the terms of service. Also did you return anything or cancel anything they will reverse your earnings if you do.

Re: Missing funds this morning

Deal Master

I thought the inactivity fee was after 6 months, not 60 days.