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Missing offer

Rewards Hunter

New toi Ibotta.  I was really excited and signed up.  I made a list and double checked that the item was available.  It was a great offer, $3.00 back for purchasing Splenda diabetic care shakes...... I bought 5.  Offer seemed too good to be true and was.  I took a picture of my receipt and scanned bar codes ,but, no Splenda shake offer.  It is gone.  They were about 10.00 each and their gone.  I’ve read here, that those things happen.   Ok, so what options do I have?  Offers disappearing isn’t acceptable.  This is my first time and I’m not happy.

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Re: Missing offer

Deal Master


1) What store was this for?

2) Did you add it to your list in ibotta before purchase at that store?

3) What day did you purchase?

4) What day did you attempt to redeem?

5) Did you scan in store before purchasing to verify match?

6) Was this an in-store purchase?

If it required UPC scan during submission, it would have only asked for that after you selected the item from your list..

Items do get pulled, and sometimes without warning.  We don't really know for sure, but apparently there is a set limit of redemptions at least in some cases.  That is why it is always best to scan in store.  That way you know the offer is still valid.  It also is best to submit as soon as purchased.  I typically scan my receipt before I leave the store.  

You should open a ticket.  At times they are slow, but providing you had the offer and you purchased it while the offer was still in your list, they will almost certainly rule in your favor.

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Re: Missing offer


You can message Ibotta they will ask to see a front and back image of the item I always try to make sure the barcode is clearly visible too. 
did you scan it at the store because sometimes the same deal isn’t available at all stores. I have made that mistake before. I have learned so not throw anything out till you’ve checked the accepted offers cause any dispute you will need the item. Hate you had a bad first try. Hope your next one goes better 😊