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Missing offers credit

Core Shopper

When I contacted the ibotta for missing offers, they asked me to send the receipt and bar codes of the items. They added the expected credit but not updating the offers count, do you guys see the same? Most of the times, we will be trying to get the offers matched so that we can complete  the bonus offer. 

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Re: Missing offers credit

Rewards Whiz

I have had times when Customer Support would give me the credit by simply adding the amount to my balance.  Yes, I have missed counts towards bonuses.

Now, I always list the bonuses that I expect to complete AND the counts I expect to be added to other bonuses.

Maybe I don't understand how they correct problems in the system, but they should be going through the correct procedures, not just adding ,money to your balance.  Not only does it cheat you out of counts towards bonuses, but it is almost impossible to figure out later why you got the credit.

It may save time for the overworked Customer Support, but in the long run, it is better to document exactly what was done and why.  They may have something on their end, but we have very little on ours.