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Missing rebate

Rewards Hunter

I purchased well over 20.00 in Pepsi and Frito lay and ruffles and did not receive my earnings

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Re: Missing rebate

Deal Master


I am assuming that you were expecting to get the $5 back from Ibotta for spending $15 in Pepsi, Lays and Quaker products.

Be sure to read the details carefully. Not all Pepsi, Frito-Lay and Quaker products qualify. For example, only Pepsi in 12 pk bottles or cans qualify. Only Ruffles and Simply Snacks qualify.

Always scan each product's UPC before purchasing to make sure it qualifies.

It could also depend on if you did this deal in-store or Pickup and Delivery. Yes, the deal is the same, but Walmart substituted something that was not in stock, it may not count.

If you feel that you should have received the $5.00 for this offer, I would open up a request with Ibotta Care and list everything you purchased towards this offer. Include your receipt or final email from Walmart Pickup and Delivery. You may be requested to send pictures of each product and bar codes.

Good luck.