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MM weekend

Deal Sharer

Today was great for me.

@ WM: got 7 of 9 b2s deals + depend silhouette + neutrogena oil-free for $40.58 (with tax) and got back ~ $45.

- depend $11.97 - $10 ib, -$3 cdc, -$4 fr = $5 mm

  -neutrogena oil-free $8.53 - $4IB, -$3 cdc, -$2 c51 = $0.47  mm

@Kroger: I like the ians chicken nuggets. on closeout at my krogers for $2.99 - $2.50 ib.

I like nandos garlic sauce too $4.99 - $2 l2c, -$1.50 ib, -$1.50 kcb (this is a risk I take. some report cpn interferes with kcb, but works fine for me).

@WF: got the cookies&cream love good fats for $1.57 - $2.69 ib + 2 x $0.10 ib                               

- rind snacks $5.79 -$5.99 ib                                   

- stonyfield yoghurt $1.35 -$1.25 ib




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Re: MM weekend

Deal Ambassador

Thank you for sharing! You did amazing! I always appreciate the breakdown. I have bought the Ian's nuggets a couple of times now stacking the KCB with Ibotta, but I haven't actually tried them. Figured I'd like them since I like the Incogmeato version, but it's always nice to hear someone else's opinion. I was hoping my KCB would reset again, but if they're $2.99 at my Kroger I'll definitely purchase regardless!

Re: MM weekend

Deal Master

@DrMissy   Those parfait are so good - I maxed out at 5 and will do it again if it repopulates - do you have Amazon prime?  if you do, you get an additional 10% off sale items at WF.  

Re: MM weekend

Deal Ambassador

@DrMissy Don’t forget the Hiball drinks at WF from shopkick. I believe it’s a MM

I need to go to WM for that Neutrogena deal!


Re: MM weekend

Deal Master


Nice haul.   Someone asked me if I planned on doing these deals, and I told them 'it depends'.  😀


@SaverGirl67  this belongs in DEAL STACKING


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