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More coupons,

Rewards Hunter

Need more to choose from there's nothing on those I use Walmart Dollar general CVS


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Re: More coupons,

Deal Master

If I understand your post, you want more rebates for items you shop for at Walmart, Dollar General and CVS.

Walmart definitely has more rebates than Dollar General and CVS combined.  

I have heard this complaint of Ibotta users many times.  But you have to remember, Ibotta is a marketing company.  They advertise these rebates for manufacturers.  Many of the items are new and the manufacturers want you to try them.  Some are free, some are BOGO while others may only be for $.25 back.

If you like your current brands, you may not get much out of Ibotta.  If you like to try new items, then Ibotta could be for you.  Yes, it does take some work, but I think it is worth it.  My family of 3 saves $150 a month with Ibotta.  This doesn't count the other rebate apps that I also use.

To get the most out of Ibotta, you have to change your approach.  What I do is go through all the rebates for a store, such as Walmart, and list down ANY item that I might be willing to try.  Then I check to see if I have any coupons for them.  I look at other rebate apps and sites like the Krazy Coupon Lady and, of course, the Ibotta Community. 

Sometimes I can't find a new product in the store, but I check the store apps to see if another store has it.  If not, then I check back another day.

Do I wish Ibotta had more rebates?  Sure, but I can usually find enough items each week to get the bonus.  

Check through other posts in the Ibotta Community and you will see how others find deals that you may like.

Happy hunting.