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Motivation for shoppers


Hi All! 🤗

It's a pleasure to be here, and I just like to say that Ibotta has helped me to rethink the way I shop on any store. I've had some good times, and some were bad (challenging) and some other days I made bonuses cash back which was more than the amount that I spent.  I didn't know what I was singing up with Ibotta and of course, everybody wants savings, and yet, it seems like I couldn't really get the know the real deal of the app. There were times that I mistakenly purchase an item knowing that I thought I will get cash back, and yet it was disappointingly complicated. Every lil bonuses and trials that I make, gives me more motivation to not to make any mistake from then on. Yes, it is  challenging. So here are some of the things that has help me save and perhaps can help you too. If you have some ways  that may help me as well, please don't hesitate to mention it. 🤓I appreciate it. 

I hope this motivates you.I hope this motivates you.1. Plan the store that you are going for that day, browse the sales add  on the app. 

2. Check the items that you will need for that store only, try not to make 3-4 different stores purchases in one day, this has happened to me, it just confuses my brain and forgetting which sales and which items that goes to the right store and which resulting not have to saved anything at all. 

3. Be sure to scan the product while you're in the store to match the bar code that ibotta required, trust me, some products changes packaging a lot.

                          4. Immediately take pictures of your receipts with the time stamp, and shows which store is from,  along scanning each products if it did not automatically recognize in the system. Hit Send and watch your earnings grow. 🤗 Post your current lifetime earnings  💰and let us motivate each other! 

If anyone else have questions, I'm here to help. 💃Happy Shopping and enjoy while at it. 🛍


Best wishes!

Mary Jhane






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Re: Motivation for shoppers

Deal Ambassador

Great post and I love your outlook! I just joined the early part of November and life savings is $245 so far. I make my shopping list starting with ibotta offers. I've also.learned to use shopkick and kroger cash back. I've already cashed out $10 from shopkick, and have additionally earned $25 cash back from Kroger. Almost everything from shopkick and kroger cash back i was able to stack with ibotta. OH AND I started using and have earned about $24 back from that as well. Its actually alot of fun, and the savings is awesome. Have tried some great new products either free or for pennies on the dollar. Ibotta is my favorite by far!

Re: Motivation for shoppers


Hello Donna2!🤗

Thank you for your kind words! Great ideas on shop kicks and kroger, although we do not have kroger around my area, however I use similar kind, these motivates me more to keep utilizing your input. I appreciate you!

I have tried other savings apps and yes I couldn't agree with you more, that Ibotta is best app so far. It's a  great app to use. It's fun, and has some of the healthy foods that they have for deals and bonuses. Since the pandemic, I seldom shop as much as I was before, but when I shop, I make sure I only spend my time at one store. 😁 Often times tho, I get mistaken by other shoppers as a "instacart" worker,  since I'm always checking the items and my phone a lot. It's funny,( it gives me a little break from being focus) hence, it keeps me entertain too. 

Keep up the good work and stay well. 😃

Thank you for motivation.

🤗Mary Jhane