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My unicorns are laughing at me


It feels like I’ve been searching forever for the Hungry Buddha Bars. Simply nowhere to be found. And then I’m at Sprouts and ... could it be ... YES. Score!  

I’m so excited I scan it and ... No Offers Found. 😢😢😭. Why?  Why Ibotta? Why????

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Re: My unicorns are laughing at me

Skilled Saver

@SaverGirl67  I just looked it up in the Sprouts app. It is the exact bar as in the offer, including the price, $2.49. If you’re up to it, you could buy it and submit a ticket. They definitely need to fix it. 

Re: My unicorns are laughing at me

Super Saver

In my ibotta gallery, the Hungry Buddha bars rebates is only available at store that Don't carry them.  Yes, my Sprouts also carries them,  but my ibotta rebate does not include Sprouts.

Feeling your Pain.

Re: My unicorns are laughing at me

Skilled Saver

I found it there over a month ago too. It never qualified in Sprouts though, so I wouldn’t submit a ticket. The Sprouts app has coupons for them too. I read the ingredients and wasn’t impressed though, not really clean Keto.