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myWalgreens is Live (SignUp & Convert Balance Rewards points by Jan 31, 2021 of Lose Them)

Deal Master

I just noticed that you can now switch from Balance Rewards to myWalgreens.

In case you don't know, they are migrating from points-based rewards (Balance Rewards) s to cash-based ones (Walgreens Cash) .  Direct conversion as you would expect.

I have been spending all my points ahead of this change, so I only had 210 points, and after signing up and converting,  I now have 21 cents.


  • Earn 1% unlimited Walgreens cash rewards or 5% on Walgreens brands.
  • You can also donate your Walgreens Cash.

Beauty Enthusiast was scheduled to end last week 

No new accounts or renewals for Walgreens +, but current members can continue using..

That is what I can remember off the top of my head.


See more details here.  Scroll down on the page to see FAQs and such


You'll forfeit your Balance® Rewards points and your account will be deactivated if you don't sign up for myWalgreens by January 31, 2021

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Re: myWalgreens is Live (SignUp & Convert Balance Rewards points by Jan 31, 2021 of Lose Them)

Deal Master

I had over 100,000 points, but I spent 50,000 ($50) recently.  

Converting to myWalgreens was simply a couple clicks.  So far, it looks like a name change and points went to cash.  It seems like a lot of effort for very little gain.  I guess they had a lot of money to spend.

Is it simpler?  Not that I can see. 

I hate that you can't earn points if you use your points.  I suspect if you take cash, you can't earn cash.  Those 5000 point coupons for spending $20 are great, but you can't use them if you want to spend your points.

I hope they convert Register Rewards to Walmart Cash.  Register Rewards expire in two weeks and I don't always get back to Walgreens in two weeks.  Points (now Cash) expire in 12 months.

We will have to wait to see how this all shakes out next year.