Why is My Current Account Balance Negative?

A negative balance in your Ibotta account usually means that credits applied to the Earnings balance were reversed. If you withdraw funds and then a reversed credit was applied, your account balance can become a negative amount.


A reversal in your account may be due to any of the following:

  • A receipt that was credited was determined to not meet receipt standards after initial credit. Therefore, any offer credit from the receipt was removed.
  • An item purchased for an offer was determined to not meet the offer qualifications after initial credit. Therefore, credit for the item was removed from your account.
  • An Online Shopping item purchased for an offer was returned, the payment changed, exchanges were made, or the purchase was canceled after initial credit.. Therefore, credit for the purchase was removed from your account.
  • An offer was first reversed which resulted in a bonus no longer being completed. Therefore, credit for the offer and subsequently the bonus was removed from your account.


Does a Negative Account Balance Affect My Account Details?

No! A negative balance does not affect payment methods, Lifetime earnings, nor previous cashed out earnings! 


How Can I Get My Account Balance Back Into Positive Earnings?

You can put your account back in the positive by earning credits to get you back to zero. Once you hit zero, you will build up your earnings in the positive.

If you feel that an offer and/or bonus was reversed in error, please contact our Care Team who would be happy to review your account with you.