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New to this

Rewards Hunter

I’m just starting any help would be great 

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Re: New to this

Deal Expert

I don't know how you shop, what you shop for and what stores you have. For me, if I buy something online I look to see if it's on ibotta and see if there's a pwi to double dip. If O go out somwehere I'll look for a pwi. Mostly all of my groceries/hab that I normally buy are on ibotta. I use coupons for almost everything so I have a very low oop and I get more money back than what I spent. I don't just buy things to get rebates and bonuses, if you do you're really not saving and making money. We all do this at our own pace it all adds up you'll get it. You could also click how to use ibotta here in the group, on the app and/or on the facebook page to read up on it.

Re: New to this

Former Ibotta Employee

Hi @Charleewool

Welcome to Ibotta and our community! Please let me know if you have any questions about using the app, browser extension, or this community as well. Our team wants to ensure you earn some major cash back. 

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Re: New to this


I usually go to the Walmart offers and look through them all, checking off the ones I’m interested in. Before I go shopping, I make a list of things I’m interested in, then check for coupons and *star those items. If going to a grocery store, I also check their flyer and/or app for sales and coupons too. 
Remember that many offers will reappear in the app a couple days after you redeem them, so you can get yogurt this week, and next and get credit for both times. Sometimes the offer is the same, sometimes lower. 
I also scan the items as I shop to make sure I am getting the right one, and that the offer is still available. 
Scan your receipt ASAP as offers have been know to disappear when they max out- especially the freebies. 
that’s it! Check your bonuses as they are the money makers. 
Goodd luck and welcome!