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How often do you shop?? What’s good budget for family of 4

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Hi, every Ibotta offer item falls into what I would call 2 super categories: CAT. A (clothes; shoes; furniture; electronics; appliances; subscriptions like meal kits, PURPORTED wellness products, home security, yada blat cetera; flight & hotel booking, etc.); & CAT. B (🧀, candy and candy bars; crackers; chips; milk; ice cream; frozen entrees; pasta; kombucha; etc.) 

Maybe the biggest secret of getting the most out of Ibotta is completing as MANY offers as possible every month, then you might get lots of mid range and marathon bonuses (earn $3-30+ for completing 10-80 offers in 3-4 days to 3 months) 

The coolest thing is that it doesn't matter WHAT KIND of offers you complete to qualify for just about any short term, mid-range and marathon bonuses. For maybe all the bonuses I've completed the last year and 3 months 99% is for CAT. B offer items. I've never tried to tally total monthly spending for JUST Ibotta offer items and I might blanch to see it but I'll bet $s 2 donuts 95% of every item is $10 or less and that 75% of that 95% is $4 or less

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I'd love to give you my Butterfinger at Walmart analogy but ONLY if you ASK me for it

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@Mmont21  I think we all have different patterns in our shopping.  When I had free time, I found my self shopping every day or 2.  Some of us shop based on when the Ibotta bonuses come out (Generally speaking Mid Week Bonus comes out on Monday and Weekend Warrior comes out on Thursday).  I know I primarily do my grocery shopping at Shoprite but I also do fill-ins at other stores and based on the shopping apps and coupons, I will hit other stores as well. 

As for a budget for a family of 4 (I'm now a family of 3 as my oldest moved out) - that is really determined on the family dynamic.  I primarily cook chicken, so I tend to buy it on sale and stock up. 

Not sure where you live but I buy a lot of chicken at Lidl (similar to Aldi's)  @RCKCreatEnt  I don't need a history less on the store thank you (LOL).  

So budgeting varies.  I stock up on staples such as soup, frozen goods, pasta, cereal etc when it is on sale and HABA (health and beauty aides) such as toothpaste, shampoo, bodywash etc, I buy at CVS with Extrabucks and Carepass so I try to pay as little as possible, also stocking up.