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Rewards Hunter

Hello any tips on starting I’m a newbie

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Re: Newbie

Deal Sharer

Go to stores and decide what you want to make sure you get cash back. Another good way to save is to make sure you make a loyalty account to whatever store you shop at. That means you could be earning rewards through the loyalty app and Ibotta.

Have fun saving

Re: Newbie

Ultimate Saver

There is plenty on this site for a Newbie.  Just do a search for Newbie.  Here is a link to a number of tips:


Re: Newbie

Former Ibotta Employee

Hi @Cperla34

Welcome to Ibotta! I'm so glad you've joined the Ibotta Community as well. This is a great place to learn from other Savers, and the suggestions below are a great start! 

I also recommend taking a look at this helpful blog post that walks you through all the ways you can earn cash back using Ibotta:

How to Use Ibotta: A Complete Guide

You can also find answers to common questions by visiting the Help Center

I hope this helps you get started!