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Nexxus Deal at CVS

Super Saver

I bought 2 Nexxus Shampoos at CVS

nexxus Shampoo $16.50 each - total $33.

I had saved 2 printable coupons food $5 each - total now $23.

because I am in beauty club, I had a cvs store coupon for $4 off any hair care purchase - total spent $19. Good deal right?

spend $30 on Nexxus and get $10 rewards - total now $9 or $4.50 each - awesome deal now!!


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Re: Nexxus Deal at CVS

Deal Ambassador

I love when you post about your scores at cvs! I'm getting the swing of using ibitta and doing very well with it thus far. Im sticking right now to walmart and kroger while I get it down pat and now want to expand out a little further into more deals at other stores like what your doing at cvs. It can be confusing so when you do your posts it is helping me get a little more clear about how to get the best deals. Thankyou! I think I've learned the most about everything just by following the community here. Has some real experts and I appreciate it very much! I e made a few rookie mistakes since starting ibotta in November, but at the same time, I've made nearly $100 back and for things we always need.

Re: Nexxus Deal at CVS

Super Saver

I too have learned a lot from this community.