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Not getting rebates...

Rewards Hunter

Lately I have had to do too much "foot" work to get the rebates I'm entitiled to. I had to practically argue my way into getting an olay rebate that I legitimately earned and was made to feel like I'd done something wrong but it would be overlooked this one time. This was about a month I'm being told I'm going to have to wait for my $5 grocoery rebate for up to 30 days because they couldn't find any active rebates and they to be activiated before I try to use them. I KNOW THIS. I'VE BEEN A MEMBER OF IBOTTA FOR 4 YEARS. I know how to use the app. I feel like they are making things as difficult as possible...and with everything that is happening right now...I don't need the extra headache

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Re: Not getting rebates...


I agree.   I feel like I have a part-time job keeping track of my rebates, sending lists of what I didn't get, only to receive emails asking me for pictures of the packages and barcodes after I've already sent them the receipt!    One item I purchased took over a week for them to get back to me and they wanted me to send them a picture of the package and barcode -- which i didn't have any longer because I needed to use it!    It's a lot of work and they are behind so much that I opened a separate folder in my email to keep track of what they've handled for me and what they haven't.   

I have purchases from department stores pending for 90 days.   PetSmart flee/tick meds for my dog  ($1.20) from July -- they want me to wait 3 months ... really?  why???   She took the flea/tick med when we bought it, it's not like we're going to return it.  

Does anyone know if there are similar apps that are easier to use?

Re: Not getting rebates...

Rewards Hunter

I hear yoy. It's ridiculous. I would love to find an app that doesn't put you through an obstacle course just to receive a rebate.


Re: Not getting rebates...

Deal Master

I'm afraid we are spoiled with the 'grocery rebate' sites such as ibotta, Checkout51, SavingStar, etc. etc.

I have been using online rebate sites (ebates, Mr Rebates, Top Cashback, Samsung, ShopAtHome,  Big Crumbs, 
MainStreetShares, etc) for close to 20 years, and it is not uncommon to wait two or three months.   That is because there has to be enough time to satisfy the return period, and probably a week or two cushion on top of that for notification and processing of the rebate site.  These times are delayed further around Xmas due to longer return periods.

IMHO, all of them are rather hit or miss.   All of them are not consistent following up and giving credit when you feel it was deserved.   I have always treated online rebate sites as 'bonus' money that I don't count on.   Sometimes the click-through seems to get messed up for no apparent reason.   They only time I follow up on them is if it is $5 or more.

Regarding the ibotta 'grocery' part, I have had to open tickets for something like 7 of the last 10 receipts in the last couple of weeks.   I have three tickets opened now.  But I am in control of it at least, and ibotta has always come through.

I don't plan on using the extension or other online cashback via ibotta.

And yes, I have a spreadsheet so I track what is outstanding.   Otherwise, I can't track my balance properly.

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