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Not receiving Target rewards

Rewards Hunter

Hi all -

Newbie here. I'm not receiving my rewards from Target. I have made two trips in the last two weeks. Both times, I added my deals prior to the trip, paid with my Target account, and tried to follow all the rules. Yet, nothing is coming back from Ibotta. Can you give me some feedback as to why I might now be receiving my rewards? It's starting to get incredibly frustrating. 

Thank you, 


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Re: Not receiving Target rewards

Deal Master

There are two ways to get money back from Ibotta at Target:

1. Link Ibotta to your Target account.  Ibotta will receive what items you purchased and will match them with the items in Ibotta and credit your Ibotta account.  You must use your Target account at checkout (pay with Target Circle app??) to make this work.  This can take several days.

2. Don't link your account and scan your receipt into the Ibotta app.  This is more work for you, but it is faster and less prone to errors.  Target usually updates your account in minutes.


Re: Not receiving Target rewards


SAME HERE!! Past three weeks I’ve made three trips, added offers before shopping, scanned barcodes in store to verify match, paid with linked card and account and not received credit. I followed procedure and emailed support...was told my offers didn’t match. They clearly do and I’ve uploaded receipts and pictures of my Target app receipt confirming I purchased the required items. Frustrating to say the least. Some of these items I wouldn’t have even tried had it not been for the offers. 


Re: Not receiving Target rewards

Deal Expert

Which target did you do there's 2 in store and grocery pick up delivery. If you did pickup or delivery you need to go into the online target on ibotta.  if you shopped yourself you need to do instore target and make sure the items you clicked are the correct items you can read it in the fine print.