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Nothing i buy from walmarr.

Rewards Hunter

It seems that everything i buy at walmart is a dud with ibotta.I mean ,none of the items i purchase get a cash back.And i mean nothing.I guess if i want this app to work for me then i have to change the way i shop and i dont think my husband would like that to well.Ive really been busy scanning many many reciepts and i get nithing for them.Im really dissapointed by this.Does anyone else have this problem ? Or am i doing something wrong? I just dont know.

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Re: Nothing i buy from walmarr.

Rewards Whiz

@cindyhammons  Please be more specific about your experience.


Re: Nothing i buy from walmarr.


@cindyhammons I’m not sure how to answer your question because it sounds like you might be skipping a few steps. Unlike some savings apps, Ibotta has specific offers available at specific stores, which you must add to your list, prior to submitting a receipt. Once you’ve reached the point of submitting a receipt, you will already know exactly what you’re supposed to receive because you selected the offers. Visit for a complete guide to using Ibotta. More information is also available in the help center at


Re: Nothing i buy from walmarr.

Shopping Enthusiast


You are correct, you have to change the way you shop if you want to maximize your savings.

Ibotta is a marketing company.  They are paid to advertise products from manufacturers.  Because of this, many of the items are new. 

For me, when I make my shopping list, I start with Ibotta and include any items I might want to try.  Then I add what I need.  I include items from other apps and what coupons I have.

When I go to the store, I always scan the item in Ibotta to make sure it is still there, verify it is selected and that I bought the right number for the offer.

After I purchase my items, I scan the receipt, most of the time right in the store.

Hope you this helps.