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Offers versus rebates

Rewards Hunter

Hi everyone, I recently noticed that when I search for a product on the home page it comes up as an offer to redeem but I cannot figure out how to actually get this redeemed as it doesn’t show any stores to redeem it at. I’m wondering how I can take advantage of this offer? Are offers different than the regular rebates? 

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Re: Offers versus rebates

Super Saver

Not all offers are available to everyone.  If a store is not listed on the offer, you probably found a random offer that is available outside of your area.

I typically first tap on the stores where I shop, then start my search from there.

Hope this is helpful.

Happy ibotta-ing!

Re: Offers versus rebates

Super Saver


Offers are what you see listed in ibotta.  Rebate is the cashback you receive when you redeem an offer.

Re: Offers versus rebates

Deal Master



This is one that bothers me.  I bought Siggi's yogurt twice and need one more for this bonus.  Unfortunately, the single cup Siggi's yogurt doesn't have a store associated with it.

I would buy the four pack, but no stores in my area carry the four pack.  I thought about buying the 24 oz container, but no store in my area carries it.  Several stores carry the single cups, though.

Most of the time, if there is no store shown, you can't redeem the rebate.