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Pending period

Rewards Hunter

I've made over 10 purchases on websites via ibotta over the last couple months. I see no evidence anywhere that I clicked through the link/activated browser extension at the websites. Where does it list what funds are pending on our acct? Surely ibotta isn't getting kickbacks and not even paying us for clicking their links, right? I'm starting to wonder why my purchases weren't acknowledged visibly where I can see what's pending. I get it that there's a pending period, but can't we at least see the trips like you do in Rakuten.

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Re: Pending period

Rewards Whiz

There are three places in the Ibotta app where pending transactions can show up:

  • On the Home screen, click the Bell in the top right corner
  • On the Account screen, right under your current amount earned
  • On the Account screen, select Earnings and any pending transactions will show up

If you are missing earning, submit a request to Ibotta.  Please include copies of receipts or emails.  They may also want pictures of rebate items and UPCs.

Ibotta should respond in about 3-4 days.


Re: Pending period


It’s a known issue but never addressed with Ibotta. 

I constantly use Hertz and IHG link through to attempt savings.   I had $20 worth pending from Feb to Nov 2020 that just stayed stuck in pending. 

This week all pending disappeared and are not resolved. There’s not even a pending transactions button any longer in account. 
I have screen shots now of all transactions it complete and the confirmation with Ibotta Trip number so I have proof.  

we should not have to do all of this leg work. If you start a help ticket, they make you go through all of the motions of “proof” that are already “known” if you use the app.  You’ll waste 10-21 days of unnecessary correspondence and be told in the end it takes up to 3 months to process.  This, even though from the get go, you stated it’s been 4 months. Total time zap and 👎 for Ibotta. 

we will now start seeing replies from the Ibotta Cheerleaders trying to spin it that “poor Ibotta” is overwhelmed and taking awhile to reply.  (Which has no bearing on the info I’m posting about). We know it takes 3 weeks for a reply.  We want answers and resolution !