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Personalizing shopping gallery

Shopping Enthusiast

How convenient would it be if Ibotta app users could personalize their shopping list.  Currently I have 729 products listed in my Walmart shopping gallery and I has contained as many as 988 at one time.  When I plan my shopping trip I search the gallery 2 -3 times to make sure I have not missed any thing. 

I was thinking if Ibotta was like some of the grocery you can build a shopping list within the app.  or give users the ability to remove undesired items from the gallery and a reset to add all items back into gallery. 

For example I know I'm not going to purchase any kind of hair color  If I could remove those type of products from my gallery overall it will reduce the time I would have to spend scrolling thought the gallery.  What are your thoughts on how Ibotta can update the app?

My disclaimer (These are my thoughts on 05/02/2021 @ 2039 CST and If someone has previously posted a similar topic I can assure you I am not attempting to POST JACK anyone) 🚔

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Re: Personalizing shopping gallery

Deal Ambassador

I think it's a great idea!

Re: Personalizing shopping gallery

Super Saver

Yes, it would be nice to have 2 separate reference lists:

  1. My List: The offers I plan to redeem/shop for at a particular store.
  2. My Offers: All my activated offers that happen to be available at the particular store.