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Possible game changer for Walgreens fanatics...

Core Shopper

So this just happened.......😮😮






I hope the people who get the card get some awesome rewards, especially the exclusive ones!

Happy shopping 🛍 😎



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Re: Possible game changer for Walgreens fanatics...

Deal Master

Remember both options are credit cards, so I imagine both result in a hard pull for credit reporting purposes.   The measly $25 reward is somewhat insulting for something that will impact your credit score.

Remember you do not get to choose which one you get.  If accepted, you get the MC.

(I included the benefits image again because I could not increase the size of the one provided in the OP.)


Interest Rates Comparison

If you are not diligent about paying off your whole balance each month, be aware.

Note that both are variable rates, and both are set each quarter based on prime rate (currently 3.25%), so if prime rate were to go to 7.25%, your variable rate would likely be as high as 30.99%.

For New Accounts: myWalgreens Credit Card Variable Purchase APR is 26.99%. myWalgreens™ Mastercard Variable Purchase APRS are 17.99%, 23.99% or 26.99%. Minimum Interest Charge is $2. APRS are accurate as of June 1, 2021, and will vary with the market based on Prime Rate.


Benefits Comparison

Note the two differences: 

The credit card gets you benefits only at WAGS.

The MC gets you two additional benefits for purchases other than WAGS:

  • 3% back on groceries <and> health & wellness anywhere you shop
  • 1% back anywhere MC is accepted, regardless what it is. 



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