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POSTMATES 70% BACK for new customers

Skilled Saver

Anyone try this 70% back Postmates offer for new customers? I ask because when I launch the Postmates app from ibotta, I don't see the ibotta icon in the bottom corner of my screen as usually happens when I launch an app through ibotta. 

In any case, I'll probably order some Thai food, hope for the best, and report back. Btw, it looks like you can order and have delivered pratically anything, not just takeout.



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Re: POSTMATES 70% BACK for new customers

Deal Sharer

hey I got this pending. seems promising bc most of my pending offers follow thru. 


Re: POSTMATES 70% BACK for new customers

Deal Sharer

I got this to.  My purchase was made on 2/28, so I only have to wait 2 more days until it is no longer pending.  I am not even a new Postmates customer, I just haven't used it (Postmates)for a while.  The last time I used it (Postmates), was before they (Postmates)merged with Uber.  We will see if this goes through or not.