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Postmates, UberEats cashback not showing?

Rewards Hunter

Hopefully I’m posting in the right area but I wanted to see if I’m the only one having this problem.

so I order food through UberEats, Postmates Grubhub etc a lot and when I remember to I would go through Ibotta’s mobile app to make my purchases but I’ve noticed on 3 seperate occasions (today being the latest) that I wasn’t credited for those purchases and they aren’t showing as pending under my account. I quadruple checked to make sure that I was completing it via the page that opens up when you hit the shop button and to make sure I even screenshotted the before  purchase page and the purchase completed page.

I don’t know maybe there’s something going on with those offers but I just wanted to see if I’m just the lucky one 

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Re: Postmates, UberEats cashback not showing?

Core Shopper

I did a doordash order yesterday and I also didn't see it listed on activity and it's not in pending.  Not sure if it will eventually be credited.  Without confirm or pending it make you always wonder if you will ever get an offer count for it.  Not sure if anybody else had this happen but hopes the offer will be posted eventually?  I thought that maybe since I used doordash credits aka I didn't pay with credit card that was why I wasn't going to get credited for buying at doordash.  I guess after a week I will find out.  Will report back if I get.