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Printed coupons

Rewards Hunter

New here. Where can you print coupons from.  Thanks 

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Re: Printed coupons

Deal Ambassador

@Lisab1  Welcome to the community!🌸🌸🌸
I rarely print paper coupons (or PQ) these days because most coupons from a place like (or CDC) are digitally available from their app.
Some exceptions are coupons emailed from or on the website of a manufacturer/brand, which have to be physically printed. 


Re: Printed coupons

Deal Master

@Lisab1 is the most common site.  As @Xiao  mentions there also is a CDC app that has rebates similar to ibotta, but the coupons you print generally offer you two prints.  Sometimes the printable ones and rebate are the same. So you can buy 3, using two PQs, and then submit in CDC app for the third.

Many companies will also email you coupons or provide you links to their coupons.

Then there are sites like

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Re: Printed coupons

Deal Master

I use to print coupons from, but now I print them from

The coupons are the same, but I earn $.01 for each one I print (up to 50 per day) and those I use earn me $.25 more. has a few coupons.  Kellogg's Family rewards has Kellogg's coupons plus most of the ones.

If you are looking for a specific brand, always try their web site.  Many manufacturers have coupons on their site.

Of course, digital coupons are very popular.  Most major grocery stores have coupons you can select then use in store.  Walgreens and CVS do, too.

Re: Printed coupons


p&g website There are more. I would

have to get the exact site name. But this is a good start.

I also order newspaper inserts with a bunch of different coupons in them. I’m more of a paper vs printable girl myself.🙌