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Product vs. receipt designation

Deal Sharer

The Just BARE fresh chicken rebate has become a hair-raising, frustrating nightmare. In the end,  I'm purchasing the chicken whether there's a rebate or not, so it's not that I'm losing money on the purchase. Mariano's in Chicagoland designates Just BARE chicken as GLP BS Breast, Thigh; GNP Breast Tenderloins, etc. One's receipt will not say the words Just or BARE or the letters J or B. Thus, when putting in for a rebate, sometimes it goes through as valid, but more than not, it's denied. Then, the resubmitting and emailing begins, and it's annoying. Right now, I have a request in, as it's $2.00 off each package for up to 5 packages. For $10.00, it's worth the bother, but for how much bother. I'd say it's the stores fault, but not really. They're not responsible for making it clear to Ibotta how they designate the products they sell. 

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Re: Product vs. receipt designation

Deal Master

This is certainly not the store's fault.  Not even .one one thousandth of one percent.   They truly couldn't care less if you get rebates or not, and frankly I wouldn't expect they would.

However, it certainly is not your fault either.   And I also would go thru the painstaking efforts of getting your money back.   I have done the same work for 50 cents.  😀  It is a bit frustrating that we are at the mercy of stores and how they label items.

This is especially true in the times of COVID since some places still aren't taking returns.  But in your case, that wouldn't matter because nobody is going to take refrigerated/frozen items back unless they are bed.  I know you could review the receipt at the store and 'guess' whether it sounds similar enough. 

I am rather ignorant to how the UPCs work, but I believe packaged meats typically have a different naming approach.  As such, ibotta likely can't code UPCs for these items like they can for others.  And I know for example, that Kroger packaged meats (perhaps only those that they do) have the price at the end of the barcode.

I'm assuming you are saying scanning the package says PRODUCT MATCH, correct?  Providing it does, I would simply take the picture of the UPC codes and send them in with your initial ticket.   I am rooting for you.  Keep up the good fight.

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Re: Product vs. receipt designation

Rewards Hunter

I've had this issue with my Costco purchases because they don't use UPC codes on the receipts. Very rarely does the offer get picked up on the receipt so I usually have to scan everything.  I have had offers approved and then denied, prompting an e-mail to correct.