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Rewards Hunter

I am new to Ibotta today was the first time I used it I clicked on the products I purchased but I Didn’t get credit. I only got five points for scanning my receipt I’m not sure I understand how this works can anybody help me

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Re: Products

Deal Master

In the ibotta app, you should add items you are interested in purchasing before you go to the store.

When you are at the store, verify the item qualifies.   You do this by locating the product offer in ibotta and CHECK PRODUCT BARCODE.

Complete your purchase.

Once you have purchased, you select REDEEM, select the store name, and select the offers you purchased.  If you have a linked account, it is a bit different, but it if is not linked, you will need to scan each item.   Make sure you enter the amount you purchased.

You have one last opportunity to verify everything before you send it off.  If anything is not correct you can adjust things.  If all else fails, back up a screen or two, and then you can start all over. 

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