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Progressing towards Jack O'Lantern

Deal Expert


if I'm not mistaken, this Humm kombucha can 4-pack is Publix exclusive.  I first completed this deal Sunday but couldn't find it at the Publix I went to Tuesday night. While I wish Ibotta would offer more than a buckaroo cash back - the mofer is $7.99 pre-tax - and absent that a chance at a double play McSTACKsky or better would really rock, this is appealing enough for me to suck up what I can get.

on the other hand I was pleasantly surprised I could get credit for UNADORNED Good Culture cottage cheese and I didn't have to get any of the 3 with fruit compote 

anyway now I got 10 days to get 38 offers to get my Jack O'Lantern bonus, and I'm looking to complete a few more at Kroger in an hour or so