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Publix Deals 4/23/22

Skilled Saver

If you're struggling to finish the WW & Blooming bonuses like me, here are some deals I found at Publix.

Please feel free to add to the list.

  • Health-Ade Pop $2.79 - $1.00 DQ - 50¢ IR
  • Kraft Mac & Cheese $1.49 BOGO or 75¢ in Non-BOGO - 35¢ IR 
  • Royal Ready to Heat Rice / Gourmet varieties $2.19 - $1.25 IR (not on sale)
  • Royal Ready to Heat Rice / Standard varieties $2.19 - 75¢ IR (different deal than the one above)

Thanks to @Francoise@mmoore01 for posting earlier about the Mac & Cheese deal

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Re: Publix Deals 4/23/22

Skilled Saver

@Eyegottaibotta You're welcome!

BTW, I'm struggling with the Blossom bonus as well. In fact, I dont think I'll be completing it, but I'm okay with that. Hope you succeed! 🏁

Re: Publix Deals 4/30/22

Skilled Saver

Thomas Maple French Toast & Cinnamon Protein English Muffins BOGO $4.79 - $1.25 IR*2 = $2.29/2 or $1.15/1

I bought 1 of each to maximum offers and completed the Blossom bonus! Need 5 more for the $5.00 WW bonus.

Side note: The maple french toast muffins are delish.