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Publix haul

Skilled Saver

Total: 1.28!

Bc of storage space issues I am done couponing for a while unless it’s a money maker or I can donate it. The Ragu will all go to the food bank the laundry detergent will go to my local animal shelter. 

A&H 40 pack laundry detergent- bogo Publix so 6.99x2 less 12 SB = 1.98 for 4

2 carbona 3.29 BOGO less $2 in coupons from hanging coupons on carpet carbona product and 2 in iR= .70 MM

ragu 1.99x4 less 8sb rebate =0

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Re: Publix haul

Super Saver

@Shopgirl  Thanks!  Grabbed my Carbona laundry cleaner freebies today!  I think this is the last day to grab the BOGO, at least in my area.