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Questions to get started


Hi, I’m Amya7777 and am new to this. I shop at a store called Spring Market in Mamou, Louisiana. I’m unsure of what to do, I can’t find grocery store name to add and don’t know where to scan my recipes when I shop here. I have also added a coke-a-cola deal to get $0.50 but when I scan the barcode on coke-a-cola products I shows X product not associated. I’ve scanned a 2 litter of coke, 20oz coke, and a 12 pack of coke-a-cola and it shows the same thing. Can someone please help me get started. I shop mostly at Spring Market. User name is Amya7777

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Re: Questions to get started


@Amya7777   Welcome to the boards. If you open your app to the Home Screen and choose grocery a list of available stores will appear. This list is local for you based on your location. Once you find the store you wish to shop at open it and there you will find all the offers available. 

Take your time a d read the fine print. Offers are available for specific items only and some require multiple purchases. 

Spend some time getting to know the app. It’s pretty straight forward but it is exact and requires you to match the item to the deal exactly to get credit. 

Hope this helps. 

Re: Questions to get started

Skilled Saver

Re: Questions to get started

Skilled Saver

@Amya7777HI & Welcome.  I'm in LA too, but closer to New Orleans.  I'm not finding Spring Market as a store when I search the app.  Is Spring Market affiliated with Brookshire Bros?  That store shows up, but it looks like you'll have to link your Celebrate! account.  Does Spring Market offer that?  If so, that will be the only way you'll get credit for your purchases, since it's not a receipt upload store.   Be sure to look through that store gallery and select the items prior to shopping.  Usually linked accounts take 24 hrs to credit (sometimes more, sometimes less)