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"free after offer" items 2x the price

Rewards Hunter

Does anyone else have this problem? I'll go to get the item and then I see the price is 2x what is listed in the "free after offer" credit. I got the Bolt24 free because they happened to be on clearance and half off. I wanted to get the ZenWater at Target the other day, and it was over a dollar more than what I would get.

Anyone else have this problem? I'm in Los Angeles, so if anyone wants to do an LA-specific thing where we share this info, that'd be grand and save me time trying to figure out how much something actually is selling for.

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Re: "free after offer" items 2x the price

Deal Expert

You do know that the price is a suggested price by the manufacture and the stores can charge what they want for items. Some people will get it free some cheap some money maker. That has nothing to do with ibotta. Also you do not need to post the same thing multiple times it clogs up the feed just wait for someone to answer you like they and I did in your other post.