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Qvc issues

Rewards Hunter

Has anyone bought something from QVC thru ibotta app, told order was canceled,  then once you sent ibotta proof of order that they didn't get the credit from QVC So you don't get rebate? This is frustrating as the rebate would be over $50! I called QVC and they said to contact ibotta, which I have but I'm waiting for more information as to how this happened. 

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Re: Qvc issues

Rewards Hunter

Maybe give Ibotta a couple of days &then send them another message of what's going on. By the way good job on that savings 😎😎


Re: Qvc issues


Thank you for posting this even though it is an older post. I have ordered 9-11 items from QVC from 8/28/21-10/6/21 and have received ZERO rebates. I always go through the shop on the app, Ibotta says WOO HOO and I receive a BIG goose egg. Have contacted Ibotta over and over to no avail...So disappointed because when Ibotta says 10.5% I may buy a few extra items. Guess I will have to go through Ebates from now on. 1% is better than 0%...