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Re: Receipt Vanished

Skilled Saver

@Loves2Save  I will still be in the community. By take a break, I mean not putting in crazy effort to get the bonuses. I keep getting high requirements, like the Seeing Green 42 for $10. 
I will likely work on FAOs or a few other things I need. 
At this point, I appreciate the Community more than the app 😂🥰

Re: Receipt Vanished

Skilled Saver

@LaraL  Yes, it was Target around noon and it vanished after submission. Thank you for working your magic on multiple fronts!

Re: Receipt Vanished

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

So I see the receipt and it's marked as "complete", which generally means it's been credited. Looks like $8.60 was credited in total, is that what you're seeing?